Sitting capacity : 25, Centralized Air-conditioning, Carpeted Flooring, Flexible sitting arrangements, Built in PA system with multimedia Projector and Screen.


Inform, communicate, discuss, negotiate, and succeed all in the comfort and professional atmosphere of the Nocci Residency meeting facilities. The hotel offers meeting rooms, conference and banquet facilities for groups as small As 4, and as large as 100.

The Nocci Residency  also offer customized event management services.

Come, discover how easy it can be to conduct an informative, productive and efficient conference or meeting, with the state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate efficient communication.

Telephone with conferencing facility

High fidelity sound system.

LCD projector and Screen

Stage fabrication on request

Slide projectors and overhead projectors

Video, television and DVD broadcast facilities


Meetings and conference room capacity :100