Banquet Halls in Balasore, Odisha

Conferencing & Banqueting facility : Emerald (100 seater) & Sapphire (30 seater)

The  Residency has two conference rooms, convertible into one 100 seater conference hall, perfect for meetings,   seminars, banquets,  small wedding receptions, and ceremonies. Both conference rooms are equipped with acoustics, AV system, and flexible seating system for meetings, cocktail receptions and elegant banquet hall.

Banquet Halls in Balasore

Gatherings in Banquet Hall:

The Residency has two gathering rooms, convertible into one 100 seater gathering, seminars, banquets, lobby, ideal for gatherings, courses, dinners, little wedding gatherings, and functions. Both gathering rooms are furnished with acoustics, AV framework, and adaptable seating framework for gatherings, mixed drink gatherings or rich meal.

Banquet Hall: Meeting @Emerald 

Educate, impart, talk about, arrange, and succeed all in the solace and expert air of the Nocci Residency meeting offices. The lodging offers meeting rooms, banquets and meal offices for gatherings as little As 4, and as huge as 100.The Nocci Residency additionally offer redid occasion the board administrations.

Come, find how simple it very well may be to direct a useful, beneficial and effective gathering or meeting, with the best in class hardware to encourage proficient correspondence.

Facilities @ Banquet Hall :

Telephone with conferencing facility

High fidelity sound system.

LCD projector and Screen

Stage fabrication on request

Slide projectors and overhead projectors

Video, television and DVD broadcast facilities


Meetings and conference room capacity: 100


Sapphire :

Sitting limit: 25, Centralized Air-molding, Carpeted Flooring, Flexible sitting game plans, Built-in PA framework with interactive media Projector and Screen.


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