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As it comes with no surprise that the tourism industry in Odisha is one of the major contributors to the economy of the state, given the presence of a lush number of tourist places spread all over the area, in form of coastlines, shallow seas, mountains, and other natural wonders. Evidently, the tourist places here top the list of a huge number of people from all over the world. May it is in form of an adventurous trip or a weekend getaway to the serenity or a pilgrimage, Odisha has answers to all such needs.

The History of Odisha is as ancient as the country itself. This land stands witness to the rise and fall of many kingdoms and religions and has been the shining beacon of art, culture, music, architecture since time immemorial. A perfect amalgamation of fascinating tribal culture, and the best of what Nature has to offer, in form of beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches, with a touch of the saga of the glorious past, being echoed in the walls of the ancient monuments. This is all it takes to entice those who seek an adventurous journey from the forgotten to the future.  

One of the Best Tourist places in Odisha is Chandipur Beach

With a coastline of almost 500 km, Odisha is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Some notables among them are Chandipur beach, Chilika, and Gahirmatha beach. Chandipur beach is easily accessible from Baleswar railway station which is about 16 km from the beach. Due to the receding of the sea-water during ebb-tide, it provides a sanctuary for the marine fauna to bloom there. It is a place wildlife enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss.

Chilika Lake

As it is the largest coastal lagoon in India and second largest in the world, Chilika needs no introduction as one of the most famous shallow seas in India. Rich in biodiversity, host to a huge number of migratory birds, absolute life support for a large population of fisher-folks, Chilika is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire nation. The picturesque scenery around has no comparison. The place is absolute heaven for food lovers as it provides a melange of seafood which is available in the lagoon. All these aspects make Chilika an ideal weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Gahirmatha Beach

The Gahirmatha beach is not only just an exciting tourist destination but also an immensely important marine biosphere reserve as it is the largest rookery of the Olive Ridley turtle. The breathtaking view of a mass congregation of Olive Ridley turtles in large numbers for mating and nesting fascinates both the scientists and nature-lovers equally. The migration of the turtles to the coasts of Odisha begins by November every year. Within 40-50 days, tiny replicas of their parents, these hatchlings embark on the journey of their lives.    

Your Stay in Chandipur, Balasore!

An absolute essential aspect for any tourist place is the presence of a star rated hotel, as, after a day-long adventure and excitement, all that a person craves for is a nice place to rest. To make the visits to Chandipur Beach memorable, NOCCI Residency provides a state-of-the-art hotel with all modern amenities, beginning from fine- dining restaurants to spas, banquet and conference halls and everything else one can imagine in a modern hotel. The location of the residency is an add-on advantage. The ambiance encourages a person to become one with nature, letting go of all their worries. With the modern times taking humans more distant from Mother Nature, this is an opportunity to be explored and memories are waiting to be made and cherished forever.